Top 3 Best Operating System in 2019

Top three best operating system in 2019

The operating system (OS) gives users a platform to perform essential functions in the computer. It does this by managing the peripheral devices, software, and the central processing unit (CPU) which is responsible for storage and processing of information. The primary function of the operating system is task scheduling and management of peripheral devices. The operating system is installed on desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones.

The operating system is a software like the application software and is responsible for computing resources to the applications and ensuring file management and security. The operating system works with the application software, which is responsible for enabling devices to request through the program interface (API).

Through the user interface, the users can interact and command the computer to perform various functions. User can use a command line or graphical user interface to interact with the computer. Different kind of users use different operating systems, developers, for example, use an operating system which is friendly to their programming.

The employees or average users use proprietary software to perform their daily operations. The most common operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple OS X, and Android operating system for mobile phones. The top three best-operating systems in 2019 include:

Windows server

The operating system was rated 8/10 by July 2019, making it the best operating system this year. Windows server was introduced in 2007 and has since been upgraded to various versions. It performs multiple functions when implemented in an organization. It issued for file management and networking among other features. It offers the platform for secure file management and centralized print management. The window remote desktop services enable users to perform virtualization.

The advantages of the operating system include having an active directory and the high number of users worldwide.

It is a Linux based operating system which considered globally as the open supply operating structure. The development of the operating system required the expertise of various developers. It comes with an office suite, messenger, internet browser, and media maps, which makes it exciting. It is the widely used Linux based operating system globally.

By July this year, it was rated 7 out of 10. It is famously used for website hosting and VPN servers. The main advantages of the operating system include its compatibility with the various application; it is easily customized and offers package management. One of the disadvantages of the operating system is the ease of use by users. It is based used by developers or individuals who are computer literate.

It is also a Linux based operating system which prevalent after Ubuntu. The operating system is RPM-based and is upheld by Red Hat. The operating system is open-source, which makes it efficient for users. User requirements change every day, which makes the technology expert ensure the needs are met. Fedora developers perform regular updates which provide the changing needs are satisfied. It has a GNOME-based work area which can be modified by users to meet their needs.

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